Monday, February 12, 2007

Romney is a Fraud

Romney is a Fraud

February 12th, '07

Yes, I agree, Mitt Romney is very much a fraud. His Mormonism makes him a fraud. Not only is Mitt Romney in league with the other right wing Mormon politicians from Utah--both U.S. senators Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett respectively plus Representatives Chris Cannon and Rob Bishop along with cabinet secretary Mike Leavitt--but Mitt Romney WILL almost certainly get some of his campaign money from the Mormon church.

The two most prominent lobbyists for the Mormon church, David McConkie and his relative Oscar who also just happen to be two of the Mormon church's lawyers, will arrange some back-room deal by which to funnel money to Mitt Romney. They want to spread Mormonism farther than they have to date. The president of the Mormon church, Gordon Hinckley, gives free reign to this church's lawyers and lobbyists David McConkie and his relative Oscar and consequently neglects to provide any oversight into the evil nature of David McConkie et al and the drive to entrench Mormonism throughout American society and persecute those who oppose Mormonism.

Mitt Romney has a tough battle ahead in his bid for the presidency, because he's Mormon. Also it's his alliances with not only the Mormon church's religious leaders who include President Gordon Hinckley but also the Mormon religion's lawyers/lobbyists David McConkie et al.

Mormonism long has been considered a cult. It's NOT a religion, because of this church members' secret rituals which include the Mormon church's "baptism for the dead" among other bizarre cult rituals, and since Mormonism is considered not a mainstream religion this means Mitt Romney will always be answering for his Mormonism.

The fact remains--as I've experienced during my over three decades of living among them and also from being married to one--that being that Mitt Romney is a member of a church to wit the Mormon religion that un-opposed and without restraint mixes this church with the state then this makes Mitt Romney a threat to the very foundation of our American Constitutional Republic as established by our Founding Fathers and this is the separation of church and state. Mormonisn constantly is mixed with the state by the Mormon church's lawyer David McConkie et al in his and their routine dealings in Utah.

Even applying for state assistance like food stamps is set up to require applicants to obtain church approval, from the Mormon bishop of the applicant's local area, before the requested state assistance is provided. The civil rights violations inherent in this application process, of state assistance applicants being required to obtain Mormon church approval in order to receive the requested state assistance, Mormons turn a deaf ear to when someone like me complains.

Mitt Romney also will be compelled at some point to address the problem of the religious persecution that's inflicted on dissenters, people who opppose the religion, of Mormonism. This religious persecution is manifested in everything from non-Mormons being ostracized socially to scandalized as whores and pimps to also having their reputations ruined and so being banished from their own church. Mormon church lawyer David McConkie et al from his law firm execute the political arm of the Mormon church's machinations to smear those who speak against Mormonism.

Any U.S. presidency bid of Mitt Romney will encourage people like David McConkie et al who lead the Mormon church's politics to further trample on those who don't approve of and therefore do not follow Mormonism. Like most others who are coerced by some means by the Mormon church's lawyers and lobbyists David McConkie et al to either go along with them or have your name dragged through the mud and ruined Mitt Romney probably will surrender to the inciting pressures brought to bear on him by those leaders of his Mormon religion who fanatically try to spread Mormonism everywhere and this is the Mormon religion's lawyers and lobbyists David McConkie and his relative Oscar.

In this context this makes Mitt Romney bad for the country. His candidacy is but the first step in the Mormons' drive to permeate (spread) through the whole state (of the United States of America) Mormonism. Then, when the overall religious persecution really gets under way with rigorous interrogation tribunals established not only in the headquarters of the Mormon church (Salt Lake City) but also other locations around the country, Mitt Romney will do the same as his fellow Mormons and that is turn a blind eye and deaf ear and so pretend nothing's wrong while non-Mormon Americans are smashed by the Mormon religion's leaders such as all those previously named.

Remember our Founding Father James Madison said "...that...religion and Government...both exist...greater...the less they are mixed..." about religion being mixed with the state. Equally this is true now as it was then. Their despotic drive to shove Mormonism down everybody's throats, especially non-Mormons, makes LDS church lawyers like David McConkie plus the Mormon church politicians aforenamed first seem like tyrants because they then go on witch-hunts when people dissent from Mormonism.

Those un-seen forces he'll have at his disposal from the Mormon religious leaders plus those who operate the political arm of the Mormon church constitute that which makes Mitt Romney a candidate to be suspicious of. He wants to get into the White House so he can then force Mormonism on those of us who don't subscribe to the Mormon religion and then destroy those who speak against this blasphemous cult.

Kathy Caudle
Salt Lake City, UT

Romney is a Fraud

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Corrupt Orrin Hatch

  1. June 20, 2006 - Tuesday

    Yes, Bob, you're right about Orrin Hatch not being as clean as most people in Utah think. Of course, I'm NOT among those who think Senator Hatch has clean hands. In fact the situation is quite the opposite. Indeed, the lowliness to which Orrin Hatch is crooked should make even the most extremist Utah right-wing Republican ashamed.

    Since he operates with no real oversight and has virtually un-restricted access to federal resources which includes not only money but also agencies such as the Social Security Administration Senator Hatch has amassed acts of gross corrupt conduct one after another during his tenure in office. He gives out favors, which is another way of saying he takes bribes, from consituents he thinks will help him politically.

    A horribly entangled situation of mine, he helped mix up, shows the depraved depth to which Senator Hatch has let himself run afoul not only of the senate's rules but also the law. His un-encumbered access enabled Senator Hatch to procure though by fraudulent means four additional Social Security numbers that, obviously, are different than my one SSN. Three of these other SSNs belong to individuals still living with the fourth being attached to a man who'd long been deceased when Senator Hatch by deception secured all of these identifying numbers.

    No reason ever has existed for his illegal procurement of the Social Security numbers of the living persons since any one of these individuals certainly could and still can report me to the police or other authorities, as an identity thief or worse, except that Senator Hatch not only wanted to portray me as a criminal specifically a fraud but also get me in trouble with the Social Security Administration which he along with one of those constituents I mentioned previously did. It's especially true that Senator Hatch intended to befall me with misrfortune and problems from the SSA because all the extra Social Security numbers were written on a TRW/Experian credit report, under my name, and shown to administrators and other employees at the Social Security Administration to "prove" me a criminal.

    Portraying me as such to those at the SSA, even though Senator Hatch unlawfully collected the additional Social Security numbers and helped write these SSNs on the TRW/Experian credit report forged in my name, perversely was meant to be consistent with Senator Hatch and David McConkie who is the constituent aforementioned initially falsely criminally accusing me to SSA employees as an un-captured baby killer andthen when no evidence was found to prove their ruinous false claims hence Senator Hatch acted as the liaison between the Social Security Administration and David McConkie and fraudulently procured the additional SSNs and enabled David McConkie thus to write these numbers on the TRW/Experian credit report that was forged in my name and since has been circulated and used as a tracking mechanism to give the impression though it's false to those at the Social Security Administration of me being criminally investigated but all of which actually constitutes theft of the SSNs by Senator Hatch; identity theft by Senator Hatch; defrauding the SSA by Senator Hatch and David McConkie; forgery by using the illegally-procured Social Security numbers to falsify the TRW/Experian credit report in my name; defamation of character because of distributing the false written information about me on the counterfeit credit report; and false investigations being conducted of me.

    Through all of this Senator Hatch has persisted in doling out favors to David McConkie. Because neither he David McConkie nor police found evidence to prove me a murderer and so could not justify falsely accusing me of killing a child they claim I had prior to my son then ripping my little boy away from me using this as an excuse to steal my child from me David McConkie since has tried to force the situation to be as he claims by lying because he perversely wants the matter to be consistent with his criminal accusations against me using Senator Hatch as his primary connection. At any time Senator Hatch could have said NO but, he never has. Such provides a little insight into the shameless folly of Senator Hatch.

    His wrong doesn't stop here, though. Each time he's heard from me, in written correspondence, questioning him about his deplorable wrong-doing, Senator Hatch has contacted David McConkie and complained. He, in turn, thus has provoked and instigated even more trouble. In this way Senator Hatch--AND David McConkie--keeps digging himself into an ever deepening hole.

    Worse yet is that Senator Hatch tries to distance himself from David McConkie and his criminality, his hell-bent efforts to force me to comply with him in all his lawyer criminal wrong-doing, because he knows now that being affiliated with David McConkie jeopardizes him politically. So he, meaning Senator Hatch, turns a blind eye to the many repeated wrongs of David McConkie and a deaf ear to the grievances I've bitterly expressed.

    The time is long over-due for Senator Hatch to be removed by vote from office. He appears, before the people, with dirty hands.

    Kathy Caudle
    Salt Lake City, Utah